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Chemistry 101B - Spring 2019 - CRN 30088

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Visual classification of chemistry at Georgia State University.

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Chem 101 - YouTube (and other) Videos

My Own

Word 2007 - subscripts, superscripts, etc (for lab reports)
Word 2007 - Tables (for lab reports)
Excel 2007 - Graphing (for lab reports)
Excel 2007 - Integrated Rate Law (Chem 101B)
Alkali metals + Water (Experiment 25)
Thermite Demo - 2010
Thermite Demo - 2011
Thermite Demo - 2012    Action starts after 1:30
Assigning Oxidation States (Chem 101A)

Chemistry-Related YouTube Channels

The Khan Academy
Periodic Table of Videos

General Science-Math YouTube Channels

Engineer Guy


Nomenclature 1 (ionic)
Nomenclature 2 (ionic)
Nomenclature 3 (molecular)
Nomenclature 4 (acids)

Chapter 1

When are zeros significant figures?

Chapter 2 - Atoms, Molecules, Ions

Law of Multiple Proportions

Chapter 3 - Stoichiometry

Empirical and Molecula Formulas

Chapter 4 - Chemical Reactions in Solution

Solubility song - never sung it myself, but it sounds catchy!
Precipitation Reactions - Complete & Net Ionic Equations
Balancing Redox, half-reaction arrow method

Chapter 7 - Modern Atomic Theory

What is an orbital?
Beyond 118 electrons with the g sublevel

Chapter 8 - Bonding

Using Formal Charge to Predict Best Structure

Chapter 10 - Solids & Liquids

IM Forces (van der Waals forces)
Hydrophobic Sand - Cohesive Forces > Adhesive Forces
NurdRage's very cold ice
Vapor Pressure and Boiling
Phase Diagrams

Chapter 11 - Colligative Properties

Boiling Point Elevation & Freezing Point Depression
Freezing Point Depression (calculating molar mass)

Chapter 12 - Kinetics

Kinetics (rate law from initial rates)

Chapter 14 - Acids & Bases

Acids & Bases 3 ( Kw )
Acids & Bases 4 ( pH, pOH, [H+], [OH-] )
Acids & Bases 5 ( pH of weak acid )
Acids & Bases 6 ( pH of weak acid using quadratic formula )
Acids & Bases 7 ( pH of a weak base )


Bismuth metal from pepto bismol (Redox/Lab)
NurdRage liquid nitrogen (Thermochemistry)
NurdRage olympic metals (Electrochemistry)
NurdRage lithium battery (Electrochemistry)

Signfificant Figures and Zero

Chem 101 - Tutor

Tutor: Kassandra Montes de Oca
Where: LRC-503 (Learning Center)
When: Visit the Learning Center to find when Kassandra is available.