Buzz Piersol, Professor of Chemistry

Buzz's Favorite Chemistry/Science/Fun Links


A General Chemistry Podcast
This American Life (iTunes link ) Each 1-hour podcast has a theme which features stories on the theme.
WNYC Radiolab (iTunes link ) Where science meets humanities.
The Naked Scientists (iTunes link ) Based in the United Kingdom, the Naked Scientists give you the latest developments in science. Very fun!
60-Second Science (iTunes link ) For the really short attention span!
Nerdist podcast (iTunes link ) Fun and humorous for those with nerd/gamer/comedy/Hollywood interests
Damn Interesting (iTunes link ) As the title suggests.

Spend Money

Raspberry Pi - A $35 computer designed to learn about computers. Check it out!
Textbook Spyder - search for your class textbook for the cheapest price
ThinkGeek - best shopping on the planet
K & J Magnets - lots of super strong neodymium magnets (not for children)
United Nuclear - huge online store devoted to home science experiments
Buckyball - Get your own model!
Pricewatch - excellent for finding computers/electronics on the cheap
The Food Lab (book) - Almost like a science textbook, but much cheaper
Cookwise (book) - learn the chemistry of cooking from this cookbook
Cooks Illustrated - this cooking magazine reads like a scientific journal


eHow - do just about anything
Cooking for Geeks - Great book on molecular gastronomy!
Instructables - make just about anything
Maker Shed - store to get stuff to make just about anything
Linux - abandon Windows or MacOS
Hack A Day - modify your {computer/cell phone/mp3 player/vcr/etc}
wiimote - physicist Johnny Chung Lee has some innovative ideas in these videos

Chemistry/Science Apps


Free Periodic Table with Classifications
Molar Mass Calculator
Formulas - Nomenclature practice
Exoplanet - all known planets outside solar system
WolframAlpha- ask questions about anything


Play store search: Chemistry - Many apps. See what they've got. Read reviews first.
My Class Schedule - This gets great reviews; for students who want to keep track of their classes
Molarity Calculator - includes (g mol), dilution, (% molarity)
Free Periodic Table
Chemdoodle - draw organic molecules
atomdroid - 3D structures, search or create, manipulate
Google star map - point your phone towards the sky and identify celestial objects
Chemistry Helper - handy tutorial with references
Molar Mass - for calculating molar masses
APOD wallpapers
Pushbullet - very handy tool for sending things between your phone/device/computer

Do you have any apps to recommend? If so, send me an email.